Travel Industry Design

We're Travel Industry Design, a digital agency that helps travel brands better connect with their customers. We have over 18 years of first hand experience in the travel industry, and we use that knowledge to create amazing user experience focused websites and content partnerships with our industry partners. We provide great service and advice, based on our own experience running retail and wholesale travel brands in Australia, South Africa, and the UK. Our goal is to simply provide great service and advice so our clients can thrive in today's competitive market.

Many of our clients prefer we do all the heavy lifting, so we create and manage everything from their virtual private servers through to the weekly deployment of new products across their website. Other clients prefer to be more hands on, so we build engaging websites to their specifications that they can then load and manage themselves with our support behind the scenes when and if required. It simple depends on the needs of our clients and we work together to help them achieve their goals.