9 Confidential Information

9.1 The Company, its agents and employees will keep confidential Client disclosures in the course of setting up, or working on the Contract. From this is excluded information that is or becomes in the public domain, is received by the Company in good faith from a third party or is in the Company’s possession already.

9.2 Any matter submitted by the Company to the Client before the Contract is agreed is confidential and must not be shown, copied or used for any purpose.

9.3 The Company retains ownership of all materials and work in any form, including intellectual property rights, until invoices relating to the Contract stage and additional costs and expenses are paid in full. No information relating to the Contract or its results may be disclosed without the Company’s written permission, if any invoices for the Contract are unpaid after their due date.

9.4 On payment of invoice, the Client may request assignment of relevant intellectual property rights arising from the Contract’s deliverables, at the cost of the Client.

9.5 Work completed during a project in any form is the property of the Company unless referred to as deliverables in a quotation.

9.6 During the course of the Contract, neither Company nor the Client may use the name of the other for publicity purposes without the written consent of the other. The Company may use commissioned work for promotion, if the Contract’s results have been promoted openly, or with permission from the Client