8 Termination

8.1 This Contract may be terminated upon either party giving notice to the other party if that party breaches any term of the Contract, or:

8.1.2 Is made bankrupt; enters into any arrangement or composition with creditors, enters comparable insolvency procedure in any jurisdiction, is petitioned for winding up or for an administration order to be made against it, has a receiver, manager, or administrative receiver appointed over, all or any part of its assets.

8.1.3 Gives written notice that in their opinion the Contract is not achievable by the agreed programme, subject to independent arbitration if parties disagree.

8.2 If a Contract is to be carried out by the Company in stages, when a delay of more than one month occurs during a stage, or between any two stages occasioned by instruction or act or omission of the Client, the Company may withdraw from the Contract and be entitled to payment of amounts set out in Clause 11.3.

8.3 On termination of the Contract (whether under this clause or otherwise) the Client will pay the Company for all work carried out in pursuance of the Contract and:

8.3.1 The Client indemnifies the Company for the Company’s liability under contracts entered into to perform any obligations under the Contract for which the Company remains liable notwithstanding termination of this Contract.

8.4 Termination of this Contract for any reason shall not affect the parties’ accrued rights and liabilities arising under the Contract prior to termination.

8.5 The Company reserve the right, as part of their credit control procedures, to withdraw all of their services until any outstanding debt is paid in full.

8.6 The Company may terminate without liability to the Client part or all of their services immediately and at any time if they believe the Client have supplied them with false, misleading, inaccurate or incomplete information.

8.7. If the Client is on a hosting and/or maintenance package with the Company, then they will need to provide at least 90 days advance notice of termination and pay for the remainder of the current year.

8.8 If a Client’s website needs to be transferred from the Company’s servers to another party, any invoices that may be outstanding need to be paid in full before a transfer can be made.

8.9 Projects that are canceled at least 30 days prior to the start date may be rescheduled at the end of our queue. Cancellations made less than 30 days from the project start date result in full loss of deposit and may be rescheduled only with payment of another deposit.