4.1 Unless specified in the Contract, the Client will be liable to the Company for:

4.1.1 Accommodation, communications, delivery, subsistence and out-of-pocket expenses incurred in fulfilling the Contract. Mileage at 40p/mile to/from the Company’s office, or other relevant sites, rail and air travel at business class rates unless otherwise stated.

4.1.2 Time spent in pursuance of the Contract including, but not limited to meetings, travel and professional attendance. The Company’s standard rate is £70 per person, per hour or part thereof. The Company’s standard meeting or attendance allowance is 2 hours, after which charges may be made at the standard rate.

4.1.3 Items obtained from external suppliers may be subject to a management fee unless otherwise stated.

4.1.4 Costs incurred by the Company in performing the Contract, beyond the reasonable foresight or control or of the Company in its estimate. Such costs will be charged on terms no less advantageous to the Company than in this Contract. The Company may refuse to agree to any requested variation without any liability.

4.1.5 VAT, Import Duties, or other taxation levied on the Company in pursuance of the Contract.

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