Below are the projects we've been developing over the past few years, each one is designed to support travel agents, tour operators and travel management companies from around the world. While each one is unique in its offering, there is a crossover of functionality as part of our vertical integration. Not all are completed, but we are actively working on them all.

All projects will be available for free to use directly on their dedicated domains. Each will also have an Enterprise Edition which is set up and hosted by Travel Industry Design on a its own dedicated server. The overall platform can then be adjusted without being impacted but any adjustments made to the primary platform. Just imagine having your very own version of any of these projects white labelled to your brand supporting your sales teams and clients.

To fully appreciate each project, I've outlined their business models along with each ones expected revenue opportunity. To access this information, you'll need to reach out to me directly so we can first discuss potential collaboration.
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