Client Documents with Next Cloud

Protect, control and provide your clients access to their documents while abroad.


An amazing tool for Independent Travel Agencies!

Next Cloud delivers a simple but secure software platform for agents to upload and share travel documents, destinations guides, visa Applications and any media file type with your clients so they can access this before/during their travel. Next Cloud is suitable for both corporate and leisure agencies and their clients and those of home based independent agents.

Unlimited Users

Unlike other file sharing platforms, our agency subscriptions charge for the space you need, not the number of users. One subscription, unlimited staff & client access.

GDPR Compliant

Your data is properly managed by the system, allowing you to set permissions / passwords for those who need it all the while making sure your data is encrypted while in transit.

Totally Secure

Our servers incorporate the latest HTTPS security protocol, ensuring that all interactions with your data are secure.

UK-Based Servers

We never allow data off shore to places like the USA where they don’t embrace the GDPR. Everything stays securely locked up just outside Manchester

Access Worldwide

Let your clients view your files anywhere in the world with the Nextcloud app for Windows, Mac and Android. Of through your own websites URL. 

Fully Supported

All our services come with UK live chat or email support as standard. We’ll never leave you or your clients in the dark.

Service & Support

All software is SSL Secure, and we update it regularly to keep them bug free!

Desktop Access

All software is accessible via all browsers and Desktops / Mobiles and Tablets


Published Live

You control all your clients documents, including who can access, and for how long.

Travel is our Passion

Over 20 years Travel Industry Experience, we know and love this industry

Secure file sharing is quick and easy

Securely sharing files of all sizes with colleagues, clients and suppliers. With a user-friendly interface you can view, manage and edit your files anywhere from your PC or mobile with the Nextcloud app.

With all your company’s files in one central place, and clear version control tracking, collaborative working is a cinch. Our virtual private servers use solid state drives (SSD) as standard to provide super fast speeds. No waiting around for your files to upload and update!

Perfect for home based agencies looking to centralise their home workers destination guides, marketing & promo material in one easy location. Unlimited users means you only need to upgrade when your needs increase. 

What makes Nextcloud so secure?

Their security protocols go well above and beyond any traditional file sharing apps making Nextcloud the perfect way to safeguard your commercially sensitive data.

  • All Nextcloud agency subscriptions come installed on a virtual private server, shared with nobody else so there is no risk of any data leakage
  • Affiliate Agent subscriptions are on one of our own shared servers, but your data is still heavily protected so no one else can access it – why not try it for FREE today
  • Our servers have optional 256 bit encryption which you can engage should you wish
  • Each installation benefits from a unique SSL certificate which allows for a totally secure connection between your users’ devices and your server

With over tens of millions of users at thousands of organisations across the globe, when you chose to use Nextcloud software you’ll be in good company.

GDPR-compliant cloud storage in the UK

Did you know that solutions like Dropbox, WeTransfer and Google Drive all store your data on servers which are often located inside the US, or elsewhere outside of the European Union? This means they’re not bound by the same General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that your UK agency is bound by. We feel this is a potential risk to your business.

With the Nextcloud online storage solution, you know exactly where your data is. It’s on a secure server right here in the UK (Manchester). The platform also comes with a variety of tools to help you manage your data in a GDPR compliant way.

Unlimited users with everyone subscription

Compared with other online storage and file sharing solutions, we believe you should have to pay per user, you simple pay for the space you use. 

Nextcloud is a great choice for businesses with offices in multiple locations. It is perfect for creative travel agents / agencies who deal with lots of large marketing files and destination guides. With everyone using the same application, workflows will be simplified, you know exactly where all your files are, with costs potentially reduced.

There are a range of Nextcloud apps which enable you expand the capabilities further still. Keep track of emails and contacts, organise your time, and that of your team with built-in calendars, and much more. Nextcloud is more than just a safe place to store and share your files. It’s a smarter way of working. Just ask us about this amazing apps, and will help you select the ones best suited to your agency

UK-based technical support with Travel industry Design

We believe we’re offering the safest and fastest and Nextcloud service for the travel industry here in the UK.

We’re expert designers and developers. Each Nextcloud server is developed, deployed and monitored by a member of our in-house development support team. It will not go live unless we’re confident that it’s stable, secure and right for your agency.

We offer full training and UK-based technical support via Live Chat. Being able to access your data when you need it is critical. If you have any problems, we’re standing by to help.

We are constantly monitoring our servers to ensure they’re performing well. If needed, we’ll upgrade the hardware to meet your needs.

Nextcloud is open source which means teams of experts are always working on improvements. You will always have access to the most up-to-date version.